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Appeal to sustainers – TPP roadie carries on - March 2017

TPP roadie carries on - Pure Politics - Public Interest Policy

Greetings dear friends

My name is Greg Rzesniowiecki and I am a public advocate. I work for what I sense are the best policies for my home of choice Aotearoa New Zealand. I came here 21 years ago from the West Island (Melbourne Australia).

My approach is well documented in reports published in the Campaign Against Foreign Corporate Control (CAFCA) journal 'Watchdog' with my reports commencing September 2014 in Watchdogs #136, 137, 138, 138, 141, 142 and 143, links to journals - click on the TPP reports:
I've just written a history concentrating on the 'TPP policy solution' campaign lobby to Local Government through 2012 – 2016 which will appear in the Watchdog #144 due April 2017.
Through this period I've been sustained by hundreds of people with in kind and monetary support. I'm extremely grateful that people feel they gain value from the work I undertake. Without your sustenance I wouldn't have the time to undertake the research and have the space to think on the problems we confront.
For example I wrote the following blog post on 'chemtrails, geoengineering and climate change' through Saturday 11 March and into the wee hours of Sunday morning, it all takes time and knowledge of the material:
An Appeal for funds to sustain my continued work on your behalf

Image:  Tinkerbell final rest – Auckland 2016

To undertake this public advocacy exercise I have lived 'on the road' often camping in my Toyota Liteace van, 'Tinkerbell'. She's now deceased as of late 2016. I have a loan of Lisa Er's campervan, which I will returning around the end of March 2017. Thanks for the 6 month loan Lisa, it's been a nice home. Generally I don't need much, however in order to continue to advocate I need the means to travel and sustain my physical needs. In effect you help me to help get your point across to the government.

I came to be a dedicated activist from around February 2014 and exhausted my own surplus of cash by June 2014. Since then I have relied on the generosity of sustainers and sponsors to continue this lobby and public advocacy project. Incredibly I have been sustained for near three years. A bank account is provided below and at the conclusion of this appeal for any who might care to contribute - cheers for that. I need a new van – you might assist? About $5000 would cover a reasonable second-hand replacement van. I need ongoing funds to live. I happily live cheaply :)
Donations to Public Advocacy Donations Account: 389017-0439360-00 - Reference TPP roadie
A heart felt thank you for all the contributions so far and for the one you are about to make. And no pressure there's many who are not in a position. I work for everyone – for public interest.
TPP policy solution and TPP Free Zones
Along with a cast of hundreds if not thousands, we successfully lobbied local government to adopt the TPP policy solution, with 12 major NZ councils who in their territories represent 60% of the New Zealand population:
We also undertook subsequent efforts to get NZ Councils to support 'TPP Free Zones' as a tactic to make the NZ Government adopt a democratic process for initiating, negotiating and ratifying trade and investment treaties such as TPP. Folks from Waiheke and their supportive Community Board members won it in January 2016, followed by Upper Hutt City Council in February 2016:
With our rallies, Real Choice actions, Action Station and brilliant leadership from It's Our Future's (IOF) Professor Jane Kelsey, and IOF coordinators Jonathon King, Edward Miller, Barry Coates and Stephen Parry, and the thousands that have supported actions, we have made a mark on NZ politics. Well done! I suggest we will continue to make our mark promoting good policy.
TPP is dead, but is it buried for ever - or a zombie to return?

Despite the US withdrawal from TPP there are more treaties and their corporation favouring provisions to watch and counter; RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership), TiSA (Trade in Services 
Agreement), proposed treaties with Saudi Arabia, the EU, the Russian customs union, with the UK and more.

Then there's the prospect of a bilateral with the Trump ruled US at some point down the road.
There is TPP lite discussions this week in Chile 14, 15 March, where the TPP nations minus the US (although the US are attending along with China and South Korea) will consider the approach to take, given US President Trump has withdrawn from the TPP.
In NZ we may have a problem as the New Zealand Parliament has ratified the deal. The legislation is awaiting the coming into force provisions. It can not come into force as it is, however, will the NZ Government attempt to amend the TPP legislation to enable a new 'TPP lite' treaty without going through the formal treaty examination process required under Cabinet's rule 7.112 and Parliament's Standing Orders 397-400?
We need to be vigilant with all of this in play!
Greg's public advocacy role - do you gain value from my work?
To be perfectly honest I love this role of public advocate and feel I have a natural talent for the task. I'm an independent researcher, I comprehend the political and democratic processes, and are relatively fearless.
Were I to drop this mahi in order to earn a living, I would be similar to most - unable to keep abreast of the many developments. So it's a question for you – do you gain value from my work? To what extent?
Greg's TPP paperwork and research
In respect to the TPP itself I have created a number of papers, forwarded to the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade (FADT) select committee through the TPP treaty examination and subsequent consideration of the TPP enabling legislation. These are available at this dropbox link, feel free to explore the material:
All but two of these are original writings. In addition I've placed material at this blog, TPP Free Wellington reports:
Image: GG Official Secretary receiving TPP petition Saturday 30 January 2016

TPP Free Wellington to which I've been strongly associated launched a petition to the New Zealand Governor General (GG) asking him/her to tell PM John Key not to ratify the TPP. Ultimately Dame Patsy did in November 2016. Through the GG process we have learned that our Governor General as head of State appears to have no desire to protect the State, from the sovereign and material loss the TPP represents.

I wrote the previous Governor General (GG) Sir Jerry Mateparae in respect to the TPP in June 2016, with an essay,
TPP – How does this fit our democracy?
Sir Jerry ended his commission before the new GG Dame Patsy Reddy was sworn in September 2016. I copied the email to Dame Patsy and the NZ Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias:
Future international treaties – can we improve and democratise the process?
We need to intervene in the ongoing process to determine how the NZ Government - initiates, negotiates and ratifies treaties. To that effect I placed paper before the FADT committee suggesting the development of a model treaty to use as a template for future negotiations. This arose in response to questions from Green Party MP Kennedy Graham:
I provided that paper and another letter with recommendations to Minister Todd McClay, in respect to the Government's Trade Policy Strategy Refresh:
NZ Parliament Standing Orders guide parliament's process for dealing with international treaties. I placed a paper into the Parliamentary Standing Orders select committee for consideration during the current review for the development of updated Standing Orders to apply as the rules for the incoming parliament after the 23 September 2017 general election. This is one of three papers and summarises the recommendations I offered the committee under the existing Standing Orders 397-400:
Full set of documents here:
Obviously there is a lot of writing contained in these papers and blogs. They reflect my thoughts and the collaborations with the TPP Free/Action community of activists and supporters. I do have original ideas, and I synergise the many inputs that come from people both within Aotearoa and overseas. I work independently of any political party although I collaborate with any allies.
Greg's advocacy in non-TPP legislation and or policies
I've also placed paper into select committee in relation to other legislative proposals, this one the Local Government Amendment Bill (No2) 2016:
RNZ report of the Select Committee which includes some of my korero to the committee 1 September 2016. I spoke in between Stephen Woodhead Chair of Otago Regional Council, and Hastings' Mayor Lawrence Yule who is President of New Zealand Council's Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ). Report runs to 9:06 into the 14 minute report:
In addition I have placed paper into various select committees in my public advocacy career since early 2014 when I considered the Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill. Since then during 2016 the Maritime Crimes Amendment Bill.
Image:  Green's Kennedy Graham speaks in opposition to the Intelligence and Security Bill.

In regard to Intelligence and Security, I placed paper into the review by Sir Michael Cullen and Patsy Reddy (prior to her promotion for services to GG) and the resulting Intelligence and Security Bill. That bill just passed through the House for it's Second reading and unfortunately looks to be confirmed as NZ Law if Labour and NZ First continue to vote for it with the Government.

I have initiated this Facebook page highlighting the problems of associating with the US and its criminal spying and Aggressive war-making activities. The latest Wikileaks release of Vault 7 adds fuel to the fire of discontent with our US alliance:
The Facebook page I've named, 'Stop the NZ Intelligence and Security Bill - Stop the NZ CIA'
The object is to raise awareness and initiate action to pressure the NZ Government over the US alliance and 5 Eyes spying. Feel free to join.
I've also placed paper into a few more legislative proposals including the, 'Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill 2016' opposing it for the infringement on human rights, and the 'Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill' which I opposed on the basis that children removed from their families or domestic setting due to abuse or inappropriate care are placed in familiar and culturally similar care. That is where children are removed from Caucasian or pakeha settings they are placed in similar cultural care. The same for tangata whenua or Pasifika children. I intend to maintain a watch on government legislative projects and intervene where I feel a need and have the opportunity. I am open to suggestions in this regard. I also support the initiatives of others who reflect similar humanitarian values...
Looking Forward – Values - Compass Points in a Post Truth World
I've identified that most New Zealanders hold similar intrinsic values and want a beneficial, abundant, sustainable and resilient state. To this effect I commenced this blog which considers values, the blog's title, 'Values - Compass Points in a Post Truth World.'
The initial post looked at the Flag referendum 'Stand For' values and those identified by Colmar Brunton in their November 2016 'Better Futures' report focusing on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, 'Values - Dig deep what are we about?'
I feel we need to turn the world toward a sane heading. In late November 2016 I wrote, 'Working on an open, egalitarian and abundant 2017 with a mind to history's lessons - you too?' which picks up the values idea and relates them to what I comprehend is the values pursued by the 'Deep US State' and it's Exceptional attitude. They will not countenance binding their state to the principles of International Law.
Do we remain allied to a nation that continually wages aggressive war wherever it feels it advantages its corporations or larger agenda?
Under the Trump Presidency the tendency toward unilateralism and exceptionalism might be raised higher than under President Obama the 'Drone Assassination Emperor', and George W. Bush the 'War on Terror Emperor'
Which begs the question of what policies and parties to support in New Zealand at the 23 September 2017 general election? I remain non-partisan and aim to develop a list of policies informed by my researches and discussions with many people. If you generally support the work I've done to date, you'll have a good idea what that means. The Colmar Brunton Better Futures report outlined in the link above** is fairly good indicator;
Between 60% and 80% of Kiwis rate each goal as very important. When those people were asked to name the single most important goal the top six in order of priority were: no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, sustainable cities and communities, clean water and sanitation, and zero hunger.
Image:  Above Wellington.  Below Pure NZ
It’s clear from this that New Zealanders care most about improving the day-to-day lives of others and there is a strong skew towards social issues in the top six goals.

In particular Kiwis think we need to do more towards achieving zero hunger, sustainable cities and communities and no poverty, as they believe our performance in these areas fails to measure up to the importance we place on them.”

Link to the Better Business report:
As a public advocate I work to implement the people's intrinsic desires. You can help me to continue to do that - thanks for your time and consideration.

Appeal for sustainers
I'm keen to continue in public advocacy, however, I do need to eat and as I mentioned earlier acquire my own wheels (Tinkerbell replacement). If you care for what I do perhaps on this occasion consider digging deep.
Greg's only income is from public donations. To sustain me continue this work contribute to Kiwibank account “Public Advocacy Donations Account”
389017-0439360-00 Reference "TPP roadie"
Many thanks for your support.
Aroha and peace

Feel free to email for any further information or suggestions:
gregfullmoon on Twitter:

Also please share with those who may be interested both in the content or to assist – thank you.

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