Saturday, 12 December 2015

Resources for TPPA No Mandate campaign

We've launched a petition calling the Governor General to Command the government to put the question of proceeding with the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) to a binding referendum.

We have produced a number of resources to support the No Mandate - Do Not Sign TPPA campaign.

The petition available here:

Please note the instructions and material on page 2 of the petition. This is a paper petition and we request you download and print both page 1 and 2, double sided on the one sheet of A4 paper. Set your printer to 'landscape' before printing, and for manual double sided printing select 'flip on short edge.'

Return by mail all petitions to the PO box on the reverse.

The media release from Friday 11th December:

We also have created posters which in dramatic style highlight the date of Thursday 4th February, which is proposed by Prime Minister Key as the date of Signing. The image above is a jpeg of the coloured poster - hope you like it. The People Powered Taiaha is a nice touch - cheers to Antony for the design.

This is a link to a pdf of the coloured poster 'No Mandate - Do Not Sign'

This is a link to a pdf of the black and white version of the same poster.

This is a link to the 'TPPLegal' website hosted by Professor Jane Kelsey where the expert papers of the TPP text will be uploaded as they come available.
Link to the expert papers series page.

Link to It's Our Future website. 

And the actual TPP text hosted on the It's Our Future website.

And whilst at it here's greg's 'tpp roadie' page on facebook.

Hope all this helps and in particular helps you arrive at the conclusion that 'the TPP needs to be stopped!'


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